Da Vinci Code threat to Catholic Church

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

New threat to Catholic Church

by Norma Holt

While the Da Vinci code is seen as a major threat to the Catholic Church so must the contents of the web-sites I have published.

With full memory of reincarnation and a great fear of the Church I was sent to a Catholic School to be educated. My experiences were nothing less than traumatic my entire school life and many unpleasantries were to do with my not being a Catholic and worse. I was the only non-catholic in the school.

Before I was born I was shown my iife ahead and I recall the place I was in as being with the Great Spirit in total darkness but with power indescribable. My next life was shown to me as a line stretched out in front of me and it had ups and downs to illustrate the many rises and falls that would befall me. The age 45 would be special and it was at that age that God spoke to me one night and later called me by a new name and the power was enormous. It pinned me to the bed unable to move a muscle.

My complete story is on my site http://italk4u.com and you can decide whether or not it is a work of fiction. There is no money or glory in what I am doing or saying but there is a great need to expose the greatest fraud in history. When that is done I woul dhave served my purpose.

Have you ever wondered about the logic of heaven and hell? Where they are, what they comprise of, what you do there, and whether or not the Catholic Father God wears clothes, as in the depictions in the Vatican and elsewhere? Have you any concept of what God is like?

I have asked many people that same question and not one can give me an answer. Why?

I can tell you what God is like because you can feel IT. God is not man or woman but Spirit. It is the great Creative Spirit of the Universe and those of us who are spiritual feel IT inside. We know when we are 'off the track' because something tells us. We know when we are facing danger because something warns us. We know when good things are coming because we are told?

How tuned in are you to the Spirit? How many times have you reached for the phone a millisecond before it rings? How many times have you gone out and met someone you were thinking of in the recent past? How many times have you had a dejavu experience or been in a place so familiar to you that you know what is around the corner before you see it? There are many other examples of spiritual awareness and that is because we are tuned in. We are one with God and with nature.

How many times have you experienced an 'out of body' sensation. That is you momentarily found yourself in another place? How many times have you seen something in your mind that later happened? These are called visions and I have had numerous visions which led me to discover the role of the Catholic Church in perpetrating a great crime. How many times have you had an experience that gave you goose bumps and you did not know why? It is because the Spirit is showing you that what you are hearing is real, is factual. You may feel goosebumps right now as you read these words as a sign that God is speaking to you through them.

In this life God has commissioned me several times and one commission I bear is to take God off the cross. God was never on a cross and it is impossible to kill Spirit. Likewise God never produced a son because Spirit has no genes, no DNA.

The virgin birth is a myth drawn from many religious myths of ancient times. Listed among those claiming a virgin birth are Krishna, Baccus, Apollo, Pythagorus, and several hundred more. It was normal to claim it because the technology of reproduction was not understood. It is only in the last couple of hundred years that DNA and gene passage along with evolution has come to light and this has left the Church in a great hole.

Evolution proves that man is not made in the image of God and nor was the world created instantly 4000 years ago, but the Bible says differently. The Old testament is a conglomeration of works taken from Ancient Assyria, Egypt, Greece and the spiritual teaching of Israel.

In the prophecies given to Israel it clearly states 'They teach a lie in my name' and the lie is Jesus Christ. The ancient term for Spirit is a derivative of Jesus and the name of God, the Spirit, is, therefore, Jesus. The lie taught in this name is Jesus Christ. The one who put the lie up is 666.

He put the real God on a cross in the sense that people can only relate to God as the man on the cross so the Spirit has become that man to reach its peopls. That is why I was commissioned to take God off the cross. You need to see God as your inner being, the power within you, the truth of creation and the being that has separated you from the evil that is coming. An evil born of the lies of religion and in particular the Catholic Church.

My visions and insight led me to discover the identity of 666 as the man who founded the Catholic Church. It was never ordained by God and it does not hold the keys to heaven and nor can it condemn anyone to hell. Hell is fear to make people go to Church. I was in the after-life, the supernatural world if you like, and there is no heaven, hell, devil, angels or saints. These are magic tricks to make people believe the Church has power.

666 put in place a great crime that is killing the world. It is time to wake up and expose the Catholic Church for what it is. It is not the Da Vinci Code that will bring it undone but the plain and simple truth that God is Spirit and the Church is a pack of lies protected by liars. Of 666 the Bible states "The man of sin, the son of perdition, sits in the temple of God showing himself that he is God. 11 Thessalonians 2:4"

Norma Holt